Longstaff Longstaff clothes are luxury items, designed with thought and made with care in Great Britain. As our label says:


It is best to follow the care label in the garment, however, we know that some people don’t.

We have said ‘dry clean only’ because our silk suppliers cannot guarantee that there will be no shrinkage or colour run if washed.

If you are determined to wash them, our own tests show that where there is only one fabric used such as the shorts and trousers (both plain and print), it was fine to wash them by hand in cool water. There was a small amount of colour loss from the plain silk, especially the darker colours. There may also be a small amount of shrinkage in the length of the plain silk garments.

These tests were done on only a few samples and do not guarantee results. Washing by hand is done at your own risk and we cannot accept returns if shrinkage or colour run occurs.

Please don’t use fabric softener and please don’t wring them out!
Let them dry naturally, not in the tumble dryer.

Gentle steaming or ironing them on the silk setting brought the shine back beautifully.
Where a contrast has been used, there is a risk of colour running from the contrast into the print, especially if the contrast is dark, and we would not recommend washing.
Please do not wash the robes or tunics.

On such beautiful clothes, we’d rather you stuck to dry clean only!
We would be happy to answer any care questions you have so do get in touch.


Treat them with care and they’ll last a life time.

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