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There is an art to draping yourself luxuriously across the sofa, cocktail in hand. It needs attitude, elegance and self confidence to throw your head back and embrace glamorous decadence and sophisticated idleness.

Longstaff Longstaff’s collection of beautiful silk robes, tunics, camisoles and pyjamas work as a capsule collection for relaxing, lazing and reclining in exactly the way you want.  Quirky or classic, what ever your style, decide for yourself how to mix print with plain, long with short or print with print, so that you can tell your own story wherever you are.

…and it doesn’t matter where you are – silk has a coolness and an entrancing lightness over the body that is both relaxing and reviving. It lifts the spirits and enhances the senses. We could all do with a touch of that magic so look upon those moments as an essential luxury.


Longstaff Longstaff girls swimming River Ebble

The Longstaff Longstaff girls swimming in the river Ebble in Wiltshire.

Longstaff Longstaff was a family name given to Sophie’s grandmother, her six sisters and all the women born to that family for generations before them. The Longstaffs were pioneers, inventors and philanthropists and by giving all the daughters Longstaff as a middle name, made sure they kept their family identity after marriage.

Always breaking the mould, their mother smoked a pipe and their father, a mountaineer and explorer, took the older girls on expeditions to Nepal and the Rockies. The sisters grew up in the 1920s and 30s when days were spent outdoors but the evenings were a time to dress up, whether they were staying in or going out.

The family’s British eccentricity has always struck a chord with Sophie who was captivated and inspired by the stories of elegant parties, wild adventures and handsome suitors and by the seven, self confident, assertive and adventurous Longstaff Longstaff sisters.

…Made in Great Britain

Longstaff Longstaff has proudly used British excellence in all areas of production, making sure every piece of our collection is designed with thought and made with care.

Made in Great Britain isn’t just about the principle of supporting British manufacturing. We love finding small companies with extraordinary skills, who are driven by quality and innovation. By talking to the makers, understanding their skills and experience, we can collaborate to achieve brilliant results. Working with Sean O’Flynn, a bespoke shirt maker, lead to our beautifully sharp pyjama collar, adding the kind of British tailoring which only comes with years of experience and dedication.

…Sophie Barnard

Family life was Sophie’s focus for many years but one day, picking up a paint brush for the fist time in a decade, she found that she couldn’t stop. The ideas kept coming until Sophie’s unique prints and her own style of bold, self-confident loungewear became Longstaff Longstaff.

Patterns, colours and textures have always been Sophie’s starting point whether designing costumes for theatre, working in couture fashion, or as a designer of handbags and accessories. English on one side of the family and Russian on the other, Sophie is hugely influenced by the Russian illustrators Ivan Bilibin and Leon Bakst, by folk embroidery from eastern Europe and central Asia and by the English designers William Morris and Inigo Jones.

“Sitting down surrounded by inks and paints is when I lose all sense of time and really start to enjoy myself. By using different techniques, I can explore the design in unexpected ways so I love experimenting with cut outs, spraying bleach, scraping away at gesso or blowing ink through a straw. But I also love the modern marriage of traditional drawing methods and the technology of digital printing and the incredible detail it can achieve.”

Sophie Barnard

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